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Microsoft is the world’s most used operating system. And perhaps the one that crashes the most!

Haven’t we all faced problems with Microsoft products, be it Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Being affordable and user friendly has definitely got Windows operating systems kudos, but when it comes to dependability, Windows operating systems are known to crash.

Microsoft also offers a range of other products like Window Media Player, Microsoft Office and the Internet Explorer. Content distribution channel rights of MSNBC, MSN portal and Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia are also under Microsoft.

Microsoft has definitely made inroads into our business and personal life with its products. When they crash it is bound to hamper your work schedule. With Pro-Tech’s friendly support you can recover from the downtime quickly!

Providing Online Support

Pro-Tech Squad provides you with online support, irrespective of your location. Not only that, we are popular for our fast and quick services for any kind of technical malfunctions.

Trouble-shooting and fixing

Pro-Tech Squad does troubleshooting for Microsoft suite and other Microsoft products. We also fix the Internet Explorer browsing problems. We also help to resolve issues occurring while software installation, driver conflicts and start-up errors.

Customization according to your needs

Pro-Tech Squad can help you customize your computer, optimizing the performance of your computer as per your work requirements.

Around the Clock service

Our experienced and qualified technicians give their best to get your problem resolved with the lowest downtime.

We respond to your queries immediately and are fully capable of resolving even the complex issues. Call Pro-Tech Squad at 1-800-974-2610 for a quick resolution to your issues related to Microsoft settings.


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